How to Cross Reference in TIA Portal

hmi plc tia portal Oct 21, 2021

TIA Portal makes it extremely easy to cross reference program data and this is how you do it:

To cross reference for example a function block, start by selecting the function block (1).  Then in the inspector window, select the Info tab (2).  Now when you click on the Cross-reference sub-tab (3), your requested cross reference information appears in the area below (4).

TIA Portal cross reference information blocks and tags

In the example above, the cross reference information shows us that the "FB - Equipment Modules" function block is being called in NW2 of the Main (OB1) block.

In a PLC application, this method works for all types of blocks (OB, FC, FB and DB), for tags and for user data types.
In an HMI application, this method works for screens, HMI tags, HMI alarms and even recipes.

And there´s more!  You can even cross reference between applications in the same project.  In the example below, we are looking in our HMI application for cross-reference information for the HMI tag structure "DB - Equipment_Refill_Process_1" (1).

The cross reference list shows us that this tag structure is used in Network 1 of the FB "FB - Equipment Modules" (3).  Now by clicking on that link, the "FB - Equipment Modules" is opened and the location of our tag structure in Network 1 is highlighted (4).

Now go and try out cross-referencing in TIA Portal yourself!


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