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PLC Programming Basics

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What Will You Learn?

Fundamental TIA PLC programming skills at your fingertips...

TIA User Interface

Get the most out of Siemens TIA Portal by getting familiar with the unique features of the TIA user interface.

Project Creation

Create a new PLC project in TIA Portal and configure the hardware.

Program Structuring

Build program groups and function blocks to drastically improve the structure of your application.

Adding Logic

Program the functionality of your application using ladder logic and add descriptions and comments for easy understanding.

Downloading & Testing

Download your application and learn to edit and modify your code online.

Best Practices

Become a confident TIA Portal PLC programmer by mastering TIA best practices and TIA specific tools.

Finally, a PLC Course that
Teaches you Step-by-Step

How Step 7 professionals structure their applications

> Even've struggled with Step 7 in the past

> Even're new to Siemens programming

> Even're overwhelmed with no idea where to start

Meet Your Instructor



I am Hans Schrynemakers, a seasoned automation professional and the creator of this comprehensive PLC training course.


Why Take my Course?


  • Say goodbye to expensive college or university fees
  • Avoid overpriced official Siemens courses
  • Access my 20+ years of real-world professional experience
  • Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule
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Imagine having access to my 20+ years of professional PLC programming experience, distilled into an easy-to-follow online course. As a seasoned professional, I could easily charge $1000 for a one-on-one session covering the same material. But with my online course, you'll get the same expert knowledge and hands-on training at a fraction of the cost.

This PLC course is designed to be short, practical, and to-the-point. And since it's online, you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. And you want to know the best part? If for any reason you're not completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.


Structuring and Professional Insights.


Get ahead of the competition with training beyond what traditional colleges and universities offer. While they may cover basic concepts, they don't provide the hands-on, real-world skills you need to succeed in your career. My course goes beyond theory to teach you the structuring concepts and best practices you need to tackle real-life projects and earn top pay in the field.

A professional PLC programmer knows how to break down complex applications into smaller, manageable modules and how to translate those modular blocks into a structured PLC program. While most people may know how to program using messy, unorganized "spaghetti-logic", few have the skills to create well-structured code that sets them apart. Showcase your expertise with this valuable skill and make a lasting impression in your next job interview.

My PLC training course will teach you the very same principles and programming methods that I use daily to create professionally structured PLC applications for my industry-leading clients.


If I can create a succesful career using these principles - so can you!

I want to start learning TODAY!

Trusted by over 1000 trained students.

Become a confident Siemens
PLC programmer TODAY.

Featured Reviews

What other are saying about this course


Structured and Easy to Follow

Richard Humphreys

After many hours of TIA Portal training, this has by far been the best one in terms of structuring the program, use of UDTs, comments and watching/forcing functions.

This course showed everything in good detail, easy to follow and kept a high level of interest. I look forward to the HMI course from this! Great work from Hans. Thank you!


Efficient Programming

Endre Kovacs

After a few PLC programming courses, I have found this course and even though I was already familiar with Siemens/TIA, I have been able to extend my knowledge and gain a lot of very useful new information.

I have learned a new way of making the program more efficient, organized, and less time-consuming. I would recommend this course to everyone with an open mind to acquire new perspectives.


Short, Sweet, and Effective

Sheikh hoque

It is a great course indeed. I have done a few TIA portal and Rockwell courses before, but this one, perhaps the most organized.

This is a short, sweet and effective course. This course teaches basic skills in a methodological way. The attached resources are very handy. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn TIA portal very effectively.


A Great Push Start

Jake Bartolo

Very well explained and structured. I am a technician who is trying to learn Siemens TIA by myself in the hope that one day I'll manage to get a job as a programmer and this course has given me a great push start.

Will continue with the HMI course once I'll get some practice using TIA Portal. Keep it up and thanks for this well detailed course!

Course Curriculum


Master 4 Basic Steps

Build PLC Applications like a Pro


① Learn how to create projects fast and effortless
② Create clearly defined modular program structures
③ Add pro-level logic by using best practices
④ Test and troubleshoot efficiently by using the right tools

What do you Get?

By the Numbers

  • 2 hours, 42 minutes self-paced PLC training videos
  • 46 lectures divided over 6 main chapters
  • 22 support files
  • 8 articles
  • 1 complete TIA Portal PLC application
  • 1 certificate after completing all lectures
  • 21-day free trial version of TIA Portal V15 SP1
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Course Description


Project Creation

We start off this PLC programming basics course with a quick overview of the sample application that we're going to use throughout our training videos.
We'll learn how to create a new TIA project, how to set up the PLC hardware configuration and how to add input & output modules to our PLC rack. 

Program Structuring

Next up, we're going to focus on the structure of our PLC program. This step is essential because it will greatly simplify our actual programming afterwards.
We'll start by breaking down our sample application into smaller, logical modules. Now that we've identified the different modules/building blocks of our sample application, we're going to translate this modular structure to our TIA PLC programming environment. We'll add program groups and main function calls for the different modules of our application and we're going to build global data structures using data blocks and user-defined data types.

Adding Logic

With our PLC program structure in place, we are now going to add functionality/logic to our different modules. For each module, we will create a function block and we will optimize the block interface and the data transfer between the different function blocks. We will add functionality to each function block by programming structured ladder logic networks.  Throughout the course, we'll put a lot of importance on using TIA best practices for each step of the process.


Our PLC program is finally complete and we're ready to put it to the test! We're going to download our application to a Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 PLC.  Afterwards, I'll walk you through the steps of editing code online, monitoring/modifying logic and data tags, and troubleshooting the application using watch tables, the force table, and data traces.

By the time you finish this course, you will be able to create, structure, program and test your first Step 7 PLC application from scratch using a wide array of TIA specific skills and TIA best practices.

Now it's time to upgrade yourself and get started with TIA Portal!

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Who is this Course for?

You are...

  • a PLC programmer, starting off with your first TIA Portal PLC application
  • a software engineer, looking to take your PLC program structuring skills to the next level
  • a field technician, searching for a practical and hands-on PLC training introduction to Siemens TIA Portal
  • professionally invested in adding 'TIA Portal PLC programming experience' to your work portfolio

You already have...

  • an understanding of PLC basics
  • rudimentary ladder logic experience

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