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I'll show you how to DRASTICALLY improve the structure of your PLC applications in TIA Portal - using 5 simple steps.
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TIA Portal
All Basics Pack

Bundle (2 courses)

Getting started with your first Siemens TIA Portal PLC and HMI application has never been easier.  Step inside...


TIA Portal
PLC Programming Basics

1 course

Learn essential concepts, tools and best practices to create fully functional Step 7 PLC applications in TIA Portal.


TIA Portal
HMI Basics

1 course

Are you excited about building HMI applications in TIA but not sure where to start?  Then this course is for you.



Real people, real success stories.

Marcin Okulczyk

"Hans has helped me through his explanations and step-by-step tutorials that he recorded. I was able to program my own PLC application along with watching his instructions. My application was more complex but as I understood how to structure an application, I was able to find myself confident in programming, debugging and testing."

Richard Humphreys

"TIA confidence has grown in me. Larger systems are now seen as modular units that you build up not just a mass of rungs in one OB. I truly believe I have made a shrewd investment in myself with these courses and feel fulfilled in my development progress as a controls guy."

Oleksandr Kyslynsky

"The courses content was comprehensive, challenging, and significantly contributed to my development in PLC and HMI programming. What truly set Hans’s courses apart was its ability to bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications. After the courses, I felt confident enough to create my own full-sized application for real-world equipment."

Candia Porter

"It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you are experienced. Hans’s courses are structured well, and make programming logic much more clear and easy to understand. The courses had a lot of professional tips and best practices. I learned a lot from his courses - thanks Hans!"

Douglas Olds

"I had never programmed with TIA portal before, I’ve only used Allen Bradley.  That is when I found PLC Skills Tree. It was extremely useful to get up to speed with TIA portal very quickly and helped me get my project up and running.  Hans’ sample project is exactly what I like to see in professionally developed PLC projects. It is well worth the money to buy these courses. Thank you, Hans."


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Meet Your Instructor


Hans Schrynemakers

Controls & Automation Engineer

Dear fellow programmer,

Are you ready to take your software skills to the next level? And leverage the power of the TIA Portal automation platform to design professional PLC applications?

My 20+ years of experience working on commissioning sites and developing complete line controls has taught me the ins and outs of programming and I want to share my knowledge with you. With my courses, you will develop the confidence and skills necessary to tackle any programming challenge. I believe in structure and efficiency, and I've crafted my courses to reflect that.

Short, practical, and to-the-point, you'll be applying new skills and structure to your PLC programming in no time (Fact: you can finish my complete course bundle and get started with TIA Portal in just ONE day!). Why settle for courses filled with irrelevant information that consume way too much of your time? You deserve quality over quantity and that's exactly what I'm offering you.

And why over-pay for the same information that you can get right here for a fraction of the cost (at the time of writing, an official Siemens TIA Portal course will set you back around $2500)?

The time is now to invest in yourself and your skills. I'm excited to share my expertise with you and to help you achieve your programming goals in TIA Portal. Join me here on and let's create some amazing PLC applications together!





I Highly Recommend This

Richard Humphreys

(TIA Portal - All Basics Pack)

"The PLC and HMI courses work together perfectly and I highly recommend this course to novices and intermediates... so much to learn in this and it sets a framework for my future projects.

Great work, Hans. I'll be looking out for your next subject!!"

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