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All Basics Pack

Getting started with your first Siemens TIA Portal PLC and HMI application? Then this bundle is for you!

Essential TIA concepts, skills and best practices - all at your fingertips in this awesome high-value package!

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Structured and Easy to Follow

Richard Humphreys

(TIA Portal - PLC Programming Basics)

After many hours of TIA Portal training, this has by far been the best one in terms of structuring the program, use of UDTs, comments and watching/forcing functions.

This course showed everything in good detail, easy to follow and kept a high level of interest. I look forward to the HMI course from this! Great work from Hans. Thank you!

Bundle Includes

These courses are included in your bundle

TIA Portal
PLC Programming Basics

Learn essential concepts and tools to create fully functional Step 7 PLC applications in TIA Portal.

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TIA Portal
HMI Basics 

Are you excited about building HMI applications in TIA but not sure where to start?  Then this course is for you.

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All The Tools You Need To Build Professional TIA Portal Applications



I'm Hans, an automation professional and your PLC instructor here on

If you are a PLC programmer who already has some experience with PLC applications and would like to add TIA Portal programming to your professional portfolio, then I've got something special for you today.  

But first let me ask you this - have you ever wondered why some programmers seem to create complex and structured applications with such ease and confidence while others feel lost and frustrated with their programming logic?

I spent the first 6 months of my freelancing career trying to find customers in a brand-new country (Austria) with a new language to learn (German) and with little to no income.  It was really demotivating at times.  But finally I started getting some momentum at trade fairs, and soon after I started working with some industry leading machine builders.  Two things began to happen in year 2 and 3 of working day-in day-out with high-end software that changed everything for me.  First off, I got involved in larger projects, and secondly, I started to see clear patterns in how these professional applications were build, structured, and scaled.  It was truly eye-opening.

So that's why I created TIA Portal - All Basics Pack.  The courses in this bundle contain some of my best training material and include structuring concepts and programming methods I've perfected from working with industry leading automation software.  These lessons I've learned have transformed the way I create PLC and HMI applications today and I am here to help you reach the same level of confidence when creating applications in TIA Portal.



So Are You Ready To Become A Structured TIA Programmer?

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Markus Salonen

(TIA Portal - HMI Basics)

Extremely well structured course as expected from Hans. This course teaches you all the necessary basics to get started with your own HMI-implementations.

The most important feature of this course is that it teaches you how to structure your HMI-application in a way that is needed when working with larger HMI-applications. This is something I haven’t seen so much on other TIA Portal HMI-courses.

Programming Professional PLC/HMI Applications in TIA Portal has Never been Easier!


Create Structured PLC Programs

Master modular programming and TIA best practice
  • Learn the basics of navigating the TIA Portal user environment and creating new projects
  • Simplify your application by breaking it down into smaller, logical modules
  • Build function blocks using ladder logic and assign tags to the block interface using TIA best practices
  • Test and troubleshoot your application effortlessly by applying TIA specific tools

Build Professional HMI Applications

Essential TIA skills at your fingertips
  • Build a modern and intuitive screen template for a uniform look for all your screens
  • Visualize your application process using animated graphics, input parameters and much more!
  • Integrate an easy-to-use alarmhandling in your applications to give your operators a fighting chance
  • Learn how to manage product or process specific parameters by using recipe handling
  • Secure your application and minimize downtime by implementing a user administration
  • Add operator friendly HMI tools and settings like a clean screen button or an exit runtime button
  • Test all functionality of your HMI application using only your laptop and a simulated PLC application

Ready to program TIA Portal like a PRO?

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